Wake Up

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Shared it with myself. Lol

When you’ve been up and down you learn that life has it’s own flow. Things, people, situations, jobs, money, opportunities they all come and go like the tide. The only constant is you & how you react to it all. That’s the only thing you have control over. Practice emotional maturity. Don’t allow people or situations to control what you feel.

Nobody sees the man on the bus. But everyone sees the man in the Benz. Keep grinding.

Word to @evilmarsupials putting me up on the free iBook section. Y’all should check it out there’s something for everyone.

Words with friends.

#latepost Central Park Summer Stage w/ Junior Reid & a bunch of other dope Reggae artist performing. The Rastas were out in full effect.

Look who’s home from the shop! @alexisg823 you ready?

Taxicab confessions

My “it’s Friday I wanna be off work but I’m stuck face” #setlife (at Clinton Hill Chill / Fort Greene Lean)

#vscocam A Bronx Tale.. #waterpark

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