Live for a living.



I sat down with my bro @evilmarsupials while he was visiting the Big Apple. Full Interview is coming soon.

Harlem Days..

I’m so grateful to God for the family he put in my life. You’re my motivation for excellence.

*insert dope caption (at Harlem–125th Street)

Happy Birthday to the Queen!!!! The Original Dundada!!! We called her mommy so much as kids she stopped responding and left a note on the fridge saying she’ll only respond to “Sweetheart” from now on 😭😂😭😂. I got the coolest mom on the planet!!! (at 145th Street)

#family (at Harlem–125th Street)

Fam here. (at In Harlem)

Squad!!!! (at 145th Street)

That was ugly!! Still Go Hawks

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